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About Horse Requisites

Established in 1970, we have built up a reputation for supplying customers with quality products at reasonable prices. Our staff are on hand to offer specialist advice on the complete product range which currently stands at over 5,000 different items. This includes Stable Equipment, Grooming, Farriers and Veterinary Equipment, Saddlery, Horse Clothing, Coverwell non-toxic coatings and Horse Health.

About our team

Every member of staff helps to keep Horse Requisites running smoothly in their own way from the sales team to accounts, we are still a small, tight knit, family-like establishment that works in the same way as a well-oiled cog, a method that has worked for the last 4 decades why change it now? We feel what really helps is that Horse Requisites staff are all like-minded horse people who can offer experience passed down through generations to help make informed choices for your equine needs and we will continue to always be very happy to help!

Horse Requisites (Newmarket) Ltd
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